Muffin Tipping Etiquette

blue_sky_bakery I have worked a lot in the service industry and I know what it’s like to work your ass off and get a shitty tip. Whenever I go out, I always tip very well, because I know how good it can make someone feel to get a great tip after running around and serving you for the night. I just wanted to predicate that with what I’m about to say.

There’s a muffin place in my neighborhood that specializes in muffins. They have a few other things they make, but it seems like muffins are the go to item for most people. Occasionally I get the hankerin’ for a good, fresh muffin. So I go to this place because they do have really good muffins. They always have different kinds like, blackberry/strawberry, banana/fig/bran, blueberry/mango/cream cheese. Always interesting flavors, and always fresh so I dig it.

Here’s the thing. There’s a tip cup sitting right by the register. Now, when I go in, I only deal with the person at the counter, it’s not like I walk in the back and have the baker whip me up a fresh, made-to-order muffin, I just politely ask the counter person for the muffin of my choice.

Everytime though I have all this guilt about the tip cup. I mean, the person is just handing me a muffin, that’s it. Is that worthy of a tip? And what do you tip on a $1.50 muffin? If the glass case wasn’t there, I could easily just grab my own muffin, it’s not like it’s something I couldn’t handle. But a tip? For handing me a muffin? Is that really justified?

What do you think? Would you leave a tip for being handed a muffin? There’s usually a few bucks in the tip cup, but that could just be money they planted there to get the ball rolling. I’m sure it’s not the greatest pay in the world working behind the counter at a muffin store but, that’s not my fault. Am I a jerk, or is tipping for a muffin uncalled for?


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