Honk if You Have Road Rage

I’m not sure who or what department is in charge of enforcing NYC’s don’t honk law, but whoever they are, they should be fired.   Immediately.  This has to be the worst case of job ineffectiveness I have witnessed in my entire life.  Has anyone ever gotten, or known anyone who has gotten a ticket for honking their horn? 

Bloomberg should give me the job of writing people tickets for honking.  In a matter of weeks New York would be the wealthiest city on the planet.  I’d be a ticket writing motherfucker.  I’d have to learn how to write left handed just for when my right hand got too tired to handle the immense amount of tickets I’d spend my day writing.  I’d gladly work overtime for free.  I’d whistle charming little diddies as made my way about the city ticketing honkers

I live near a fairly busy intersection and it drives me mad to hear the honking that goes on.  The problem with honking in congestion is that there is absolutely nowhere for the cars in front of the honker to go.  Your honk is totally fruitless and without merit.

It’s not like people are sitting in their cars reading the paper with a free and clear road ahead of them.  What the fuck do you want them to do people?  Do you think your horn holds some mysterious, magical power that makes traffic disappear? 

Please shut the fuck up and stop polluting my environment with your horn.   I truly hope there is a special place in hell reserved for people that abuse their horn priveleges.  You make the world a miserable place to live in and I hope your horns break or something equally traumatizing to your rage blackout needs.


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