Mark Cuban Has a New Blog

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is one coolest cats you’ll ever want to meet. I’ve always been a huge fan of his since he took over the Mavs just because he’s so damn into his team it’s exciting. He’s a self made millionaire from the dot com boom. He founded that he sold to Yahoo for a wad of cash. After he got rich he lived out his dream and bought an NBA franchise and made the Dallas Mavericks into one of the best damn teams in the NBA and probably the most exciting. How cool is that?

One thing I really like about Mark is that he speaks his mind even though it’s constantly getting him in to trouble. The first couple of years he owned the Mavs he kept getting his team technicals because he was so vocal at the games. He goes the game and sits right behind the bench, not up in some owner’s luxury box, he’s down there with a jersey on cheering with the rest of the Mav fans.

Now he has his own blog. Go read this article and tell me he’s not one of the coolest millionaires you’ve ever heard of. Since the press has been misquoting him and accusing him of putting a bounty of sorts out on another player, Cuban told the press today if they had any questions they could read his blog, that he’ll post all the answers there. If they have a question they can e-mail it to him and he’ll print the question and answer on his blog and they can reference that. That’s great, way to go Mark.


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