Let Freedom Hang

How much longer do good, free thinking, moral Americans, like myself, have to be slapped in the face by the right wing minority of religious fanatics before we say enough is enough?

President Bush told evangelical Christians what they wanted to hear Thursday, ticking off highlights of his “compassionate conservative” agenda, from halting late-term abortions to banning gay marriage.

Isn’t the term “compassionate conservative” an oxymoron?

“You’re doing God’s work with conviction and kindness,” Bush said.Bush placed special emphasis on his efforts to curtail abortion – a goal fervently pursued by conservative Christians.

“We’re working to build a culture of life,” he said, noting that he had taken “an important step” last November when he signed legislation outlawing certain late-term abortions.

Working to build a culture of life? That sounds vaguely like a threat to personal freedom. Who is judging what “culture of life” is acceptable for all free Americans?

To find that out we went to the source. What’s more American than the Declaration of Independence?

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Just in case that was confusing to the “compassionate conservatives”:

Liberty: (Noun) the power of choosing, thinking, and acting for oneself; freedom from control or restriction.

Now that we have the definition of “liberty” out of the way (maybe that was the hold up the whole time, there was a mix up on the definition of liberty, if so you can thank me later) that sounds like some crazy idealist utopia where people would be allowed to make decisions regarding their own personal actions and bodies without fear of government intervention.

What is so ironic about these Christian groups and their seemingly unending struggle to impose their morals and beliefs on everyone else is that it’s contrary to the teachings of their own Bible.

Doesn’t the Bible teach that man was made “in God’s own likeness”? Doesn’t the Bible explain that the reason we were cast out of Eden was because of our freedom of choice? So it seems that God, in his infinite wisdom decided to allow us, as human beings to have free will over ourselves. Apparently Christians think God may have messed that up a bit and think it’s their duty to try and take those freedoms away from us with new laws.

It would seem that by trying to take away individual freedoms that George Bush and his “compassionate conservatives” are not only un-American, their anti-God too.


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