Name Change

I decided to change the name from “The Best Damn Blog on the Planet”. The truth is, I never really liked that name, but since it’s what I started with I was going to try and stick it out. I really had just made up the name as a joke and after I accidentally started pinging sites and people started reading it, it seemed like it was too late to change. Now while I thoroughly believe that this is still the best damn blog on the planet, I just thought that may not have been the best name for it.

Angryfinger is a name I came up with a while ago. I’ll probably end up forwarding the domain to this site, I wasn’t sure I wanted to use angryfinger for this site at first, I wasn’t sure if this site was going to keep up, but since it seems like it’s going to, I wanted to have a better name than TBDBOTP. So, angryfinger it is.


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