No Rich, White Child Left Behind

I wonder if this is what Bush had in mind when he signed the No Child Left Behind Act.

On a winter night in 2002, after her family was evicted from their Bronx apartment, there was no room for her with relatives who had taken in her mother and four younger siblings. For two nights she rode the subway to keep warm. Then a young man she knew gave her a place to sleep.”I guess I loved him, but on the other hand there was this depressing moment of, like, nothing’s going right in my life,” she said. “He was there for me. I felt, well, it’s the least I can do.”

A 17 year old girl in a a college prep high school in The Bronx. It takes her two hours to commute there from the homeless shelter she lives at in Queens. Her story is one of many across the country.

This is a girl who had to give up using feminine birth control because she couldn’t ask her mother for the $15 it costs to get it. Maybe this girl got all the good stuff in the no child left behind program, that’s why there’s none left for this 17 year old homeless girl.

How are we going to save the world when we can’t even save ourselves. I looked up the definition of “no” and “child” and then figured out what the phrase “no child left behind” could possibly mean. The only thing that I could come up with is that Bush is once again full of shit and using ridiculous promises and gimmicky quotes for political gain, while the real problem goes unresolved.

Thanks again Preznit Bush.


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