Sept. 11, 2001: A Day Forgotten

Few of us will ever forget exactly where we were and what we were doing on that fateful day two and half years ago. Few of us will forget the feeling we had when we began to understand the magnitude of what was happening. Few will forget sitting in front of their TV’s, talking to their loved ones, being scared and angry and confused. A nation mourning the loss of the last of its innocence.

The entire world united behind America, offering her support in any way they could. American’s around the country held food and clothing drives to send supplies to the relief workers at Ground Zero. Men and women worked around the clock desperately holding on to hope, not believing the sheer enourmity of the impact. Every American considered themselves a New Yorker. Every free person in the world considered themselves an American. Our country, our world, was united as never before.

The entire country got behind its President. It’s what a country should do in times of tribulation. Bush promised to hunt down those responsible. He promised to never falter, to never fail. We wanted to believe him, we needed to.

Now, less than three years later the unity is gone. President Bush faltered and failed. Those responsible for 9/11 haven’t been hunted down. Bush used the deaths of our innocent civilians and brave firefighters and police officers, he used their legacy to fabricate and scare us into believing his war on Iraq was justified. When our allies asked for proof, solid proof, before they commited to this war, Bush called them out as weak and claimed they were on the side of the terrorists. Now, one year after the war in Iraq began, it seems obvious that Bush Administration not only misled the world, it misled it’s own people. Absolutely none of the accusations the Bush Administration held up and used to instill fear in an already frightened country have been proven to exist.

So many opportunities that could have been born out of that tragedy have been wasted. Our President used the lives lost on that day to justify his own agenda. On a daily basis we hear of new lives lost in the deserts of Iraq. We hear of a new suicide bomber or a run in with rebels. We have a new worry now, bringing our troops home safe, our troops that are fighting in a land with absolutely no connection with the World Trade Center attacks.

As time goes by, it is becoming more and more obvious just how much Bush has faltered and failed. Not only at doling out justice but at realizing the opportunity at hand to unite the world. Who seems to have benifitted most from the Bush Administration and its foreign policy? The American People? The victims of 9/11? The world? Bush and his corporate pals?

Unfortunately, the answer is obvious.


Mark Cuban Has a New Blog

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is one coolest cats you’ll ever want to meet. I’ve always been a huge fan of his since he took over the Mavs just because he’s so damn into his team it’s exciting. He’s a self made millionaire from the dot com boom. He founded that he sold to Yahoo for a wad of cash. After he got rich he lived out his dream and bought an NBA franchise and made the Dallas Mavericks into one of the best damn teams in the NBA and probably the most exciting. How cool is that?

One thing I really like about Mark is that he speaks his mind even though it’s constantly getting him in to trouble. The first couple of years he owned the Mavs he kept getting his team technicals because he was so vocal at the games. He goes the game and sits right behind the bench, not up in some owner’s luxury box, he’s down there with a jersey on cheering with the rest of the Mav fans.

Now he has his own blog. Go read this article and tell me he’s not one of the coolest millionaires you’ve ever heard of. Since the press has been misquoting him and accusing him of putting a bounty of sorts out on another player, Cuban told the press today if they had any questions they could read his blog, that he’ll post all the answers there. If they have a question they can e-mail it to him and he’ll print the question and answer on his blog and they can reference that. That’s great, way to go Mark.

Tempin' Ain't Easy (pt. 2)

Temping sucks. There’s really no two ways about it. You either show up to an assignment and they work you to death because they know you are desperate and they can get away with it or they just have you sit there all day and keep a chair warm. Either way, it pretty much blows.

The one kind of cool thing about it is that you are usually filling in for someone. Someone that has a real job and maybe even a real life.

Like today for example, I’m looking around at my new desk for the next few days and I can see, thanks to a post-it on my monitor, that I have:

Trust in

I also have a little girl that came to work with me on “Take Our Daughters to Work Day” way back in 2001. I have a teddy bear from Starbuck’s and three solid wooden rulers, not the flimsy type, the nice thick ones.

Apparently I have a tendency to hoard styrofoam coffee cups and lots o’ napkins. I have a brand new box of pencils that I have stashed under a little shelf on my desk in case shit goes down and I need to be ready. You never know when you’ll need to start documenting the revolution with a few number two’s.

Between all that and my two empty vases, I gots me a nice setup here, yep a real nice setup.

Maybe tempin’ ain’t so bad after all. Nah, that’s bullshit.

Bush Wants Kerry to Identify Supporters So He Can Invade Them

President Bush challenged Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry on Tuesday to identify who he is talking about when he claims that some foreign leaders privately support him over Bush.

“You don’t just walk around letting your mouth write checks your ass can’t cash,” Bush said from the Oval Office this morning. “I’d like to know what foreign leaders think Kerry would do a better job than me, I’ll be on them like a west Texas dust storm. I got about a 50 gallon drum of whoop ass left over from Iraq, that I’ve been dying to dump all over somebody. I’m a mushroom cloud layin’ motherfucker, motherfucker…literally.”

Insiders say the invasion of Iraq came shortly after the Bush Administration learned of Saddam’s personal blog and his intention to back Kerry in the primaries. The blog,, never came to fruition thanks to the quick work of the Bush team but insiders say the world impact would have been enormous.

Kerry who has been using the catch phrase “Bring it on” has been accused of seeming like a weak candidate compared to a war President like Bush, has ammended his slogan to include, “Bring it on, Bitch!” Kerry has steadfastly refused to give up any names claiming that, “he’s no stoolie.”

Kerry, meanwhile, dismissed White House suggestions that he is lying if he is not willing to identify the leaders. “Listen, I passed every single one of them notes asking whether or not they liked me better than George, almost all of them checked “yes”, they like me better. Everyone except that little bitch Tony Blair, he’s got it bad for Bush, I mean really bad.”

Political insiders say this election could come down to who is voted “most popular” by the other world leaders at the fall “World Leaders Homecoming Dance” scheduled to be held in Helsinki this year.

Let Freedom Hang

How much longer do good, free thinking, moral Americans, like myself, have to be slapped in the face by the right wing minority of religious fanatics before we say enough is enough?

President Bush told evangelical Christians what they wanted to hear Thursday, ticking off highlights of his “compassionate conservative” agenda, from halting late-term abortions to banning gay marriage.

Isn’t the term “compassionate conservative” an oxymoron?

“You’re doing God’s work with conviction and kindness,” Bush said.Bush placed special emphasis on his efforts to curtail abortion – a goal fervently pursued by conservative Christians.

“We’re working to build a culture of life,” he said, noting that he had taken “an important step” last November when he signed legislation outlawing certain late-term abortions.

Working to build a culture of life? That sounds vaguely like a threat to personal freedom. Who is judging what “culture of life” is acceptable for all free Americans?

To find that out we went to the source. What’s more American than the Declaration of Independence?

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Just in case that was confusing to the “compassionate conservatives”:

Liberty: (Noun) the power of choosing, thinking, and acting for oneself; freedom from control or restriction.

Now that we have the definition of “liberty” out of the way (maybe that was the hold up the whole time, there was a mix up on the definition of liberty, if so you can thank me later) that sounds like some crazy idealist utopia where people would be allowed to make decisions regarding their own personal actions and bodies without fear of government intervention.

What is so ironic about these Christian groups and their seemingly unending struggle to impose their morals and beliefs on everyone else is that it’s contrary to the teachings of their own Bible.

Doesn’t the Bible teach that man was made “in God’s own likeness”? Doesn’t the Bible explain that the reason we were cast out of Eden was because of our freedom of choice? So it seems that God, in his infinite wisdom decided to allow us, as human beings to have free will over ourselves. Apparently Christians think God may have messed that up a bit and think it’s their duty to try and take those freedoms away from us with new laws.

It would seem that by trying to take away individual freedoms that George Bush and his “compassionate conservatives” are not only un-American, their anti-God too.

Name Change

I decided to change the name from “The Best Damn Blog on the Planet”. The truth is, I never really liked that name, but since it’s what I started with I was going to try and stick it out. I really had just made up the name as a joke and after I accidentally started pinging sites and people started reading it, it seemed like it was too late to change. Now while I thoroughly believe that this is still the best damn blog on the planet, I just thought that may not have been the best name for it.

Angryfinger is a name I came up with a while ago. I’ll probably end up forwarding the domain to this site, I wasn’t sure I wanted to use angryfinger for this site at first, I wasn’t sure if this site was going to keep up, but since it seems like it’s going to, I wanted to have a better name than TBDBOTP. So, angryfinger it is.

No Rich, White Child Left Behind

I wonder if this is what Bush had in mind when he signed the No Child Left Behind Act.

On a winter night in 2002, after her family was evicted from their Bronx apartment, there was no room for her with relatives who had taken in her mother and four younger siblings. For two nights she rode the subway to keep warm. Then a young man she knew gave her a place to sleep.”I guess I loved him, but on the other hand there was this depressing moment of, like, nothing’s going right in my life,” she said. “He was there for me. I felt, well, it’s the least I can do.”

A 17 year old girl in a a college prep high school in The Bronx. It takes her two hours to commute there from the homeless shelter she lives at in Queens. Her story is one of many across the country.

This is a girl who had to give up using feminine birth control because she couldn’t ask her mother for the $15 it costs to get it. Maybe this girl got all the good stuff in the no child left behind program, that’s why there’s none left for this 17 year old homeless girl.

How are we going to save the world when we can’t even save ourselves. I looked up the definition of “no” and “child” and then figured out what the phrase “no child left behind” could possibly mean. The only thing that I could come up with is that Bush is once again full of shit and using ridiculous promises and gimmicky quotes for political gain, while the real problem goes unresolved.

Thanks again Preznit Bush.