Constitutional Bigotry

According to this AP article, Bush is going to back an Amendment banning gay marriage. (Also I just found out he held a news conference of some sort discussing this.) Bush can now officially be known as a war loving, hate mongering leader that has rarely been equivocated in the history of the world.

It is rather shocking that Bush would suddenly feel the need to take a stand on this issue, what with it being an election year and all. Bush could give a shit whether or not gay marriages did or didn’t happen. He’s a politician for Christ’s sake. Everyone knows that today’s politicians don’t take stands. They take sides. And that side is usually the side of the ultra-rich or the mega-religious.

The people who oppose gay marriages and are actually vocal about it are the same people who will actually get off their ass and vote. It allows a vocal minority to push their opinons and beliefs onto the majority because we never stand up and do anything about it.

I was talking to a gay friend of mine who lives in Columbus, Ohio. He was telling me there is a large gay community in Columbus but that, for the most part, the community itself isn’t very politically active. Not to just point fingers at the gay community, the liberal community in general is, to be kind, less politically active than the more vocal “right”.

We need to understand that the time of live and let live has passed us by. While we are busy living, the people in charge are busy doing everything they can to take away our freedoms and force their moral beliefs onto everyone else. Our rights, freedoms and jobs are being taken right out from under us while we are busy “living”.

Why does this happen? Why did Bush make this decision today?

Because he knows that the right wing minority out there is nearly frothing at the mouth to vote for a President that helps pass any law that’s a Law for Jesus©. Furthermore, he knows that the left wing majority has, in the past, shown a willingness to sit back and take it.

It’s time for us to stop being the silent majority. To stop being intimidated by the bullying tactics of the right wing. To start calling them on their bullshit and their blatant lies and propaganda. It’s time for us to put that hateful, judgemental and scared vocal minority back in its place.

Take action, get involved. Let your voice be heard, no matter how small, every act can count for something. Start calling your Congressmen and your Representatives. Let them know where you stand on the issues. Educate yourself. Read books, find websites that keep you up to date on the issues. A couple of good ones are and just for up to the minute info has a lot of info you might never hear of otherwise, and there are a ton of others. Speak up, on the train, the bus in the mall, if you get the chance to talk about what you believe in do it.

The time to live and let live is gone. It’s now time for action.


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