The low carb diet is like an epidemic sweeping the nation. A fat obsessed nation that will do anything to lose that extra weight. There are currently an estimated 25-40 million people on the “Atkins” diet. It’s a craze you can’t escape from. Either you are on the diet or you know someone who is. Dear, sweet Aunt Susie is now the one pushing past you to get to the big, greasy skillet of bacon, which she’ll wrap around her hardboiled egg and seal it all together with some cheese, she’s on a diet you see.

No one is saying that completely cutting carbs out of your diet won’t help you to lose weight, but so will crystal meth and ex-lax but that diet never really caught on.

The reason the Atkins diet is so damn popular is because it’s like the easiest diet in the world to stay on. You can eat everything you want, just no bread or pasta, and for the first few weeks you should really lay off those pesky vegetables. That just leaves those gross diet foods like steak, cheese, chicken and bacon. Yuck!

This entire trend has happened so rapidly there hasn’t been time for the FDA to do any research on long term affects of a high fat/low carb diet. I guess we’ll find out in about 20 years if a 1/4 of the country up and drops dead. Not that I give a lot of credit to the FDA but I’m sure they could shed some light on this new trend.

One thing Dr. Atkins did have was impeccable timing. I don’t know if he was sitting on this goldmine for the right moment or not, but if he was, he found it. Having abs and looking “thin” has never been at higher premium than has been this past decade. We’ve had an idealized sense of beauty shoved down our throats for nearly the past 10 years.

That “beauty” has overtaken everything. Imagine how many talented people it has robbed us of because they weren’t “thin enough” or “hot enough”. The music industry in particular has taken a huge shit on this issue. You don’t need talent to make it now. If you have the looks, they’ll get you the talent, you may sound like crap live but you’ll sell a million records.

If you scroll past cable’s most popular kids network Nickelodeon, you’ll see any number of anorexic looking teenage girls wearing way too much make-up, half shirts and skin tight jeans. Apparently it’s not enough for us to obsess about our own image we have to force it on the next generation as soon as possible. Maybe I’m just old fashioned but I miss when little kids, looked like little kids.

Maybe the Atkins diet is the next logical step in evolution. Maybe it’s a thinning of the herd. Maybe we will find out in 20-30 years that the long term affects are serious heart and liver disease and people will start dropping like flies. Maybe that’s natures way of weeding out the people who jump right into something without weighing the results just to drop a few of those pounds in a weight obsessed society. Let’s hope not, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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