21st Century Slave

I wrote this after seeing a girl wearing a pair of Timberland boots on the train asking for donations for some cause.

Let me ask you something
I’ve got a question here.

I ask myself do you really care
then I look down at the
shoes you wear

hundred dollar Timberlands
my oh my

so sky high
are those shoes you buy

Why so much?
You got something to prove?

Trying to convince the homeless brotha’s you still got your groove?

How much food would those shoes buy?
Those shoes whose cost
is so sky high.

Now I see where the classes meet.
Now I see when I look at your feet.

How much I said, would those shoes buy?
How much bread?
How much meat?

How many people could eat off your feet?

It’s a struggle, a fight
just tryin’ to get by
my oh my
No wonder these cats are still getting high.

The times are trying
It’s a damn crying shame.

But look around
look around
we got no one to blame.

Clothes, cars, big screen T.V.’s
It’s easy to please you, you and me.

We’ve been tricked, we’ve been lied to
we’ve all been bamboozled.

we fought and we struggled
for the freedom we crave.

To get caught in the trap
a 40 hour week slave.


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