Is God on America's Side or are You a Godless Terrorist Lover

First of all, nice way to sneak in the last Democratic debate before Super Tuesday on Sunday morning when all of the “real” democrats are still passed out from the night before. I’m onto you CBS.

So I’ll review for all of the Dem’s that were still recovering from getting crunked on Saturday night and who missed the debate. Believe it or not, “Do you believe that God is on America’s side,” was one of the questions that Elisabeth Bumiller of the new york times asked the Democratic candidates during the debate this morning. Aside from the fact that it never should have been fucking asked, (I guess seperation of Church and State only counts in non-election years), I think the answers are very interesting.

I’ll put down the answers here and you can decide who you felt gave the best answer. I’ve added some commentary to go along with it to help you out.

Question: Really fast, on a Sunday morning, President Bush has said that freedom and fear have always been at war, and God is not neutral between them. He’s made quite clear in his speeches that he feels God is on America’s side.

Really quick, is God on America’s side?

Candidate #1: Well, God will — look, I think — I believe in God, but I don’t believe, the way President Bush does, in invoking it all the time in that way. I think it is — we pray that God is on our side, and we pray hard. And God has been on our side through most of our existence.

T-t-t-today stupid, spit it out. This is pretty much how this Candidate is running his entire Campaign, like he’s Bush Lite© or something. “I believe in what Bush believes in but different, vote for me”. Blah.

Candidate #2: Well, there’s a wonderful story about Abraham Lincoln during the middle of the Civil War bringing in a group of leaders, and at the end of the meeting one of the leaders said, “Mr. President, can we pray, can we please join in prayer that God is on our side?” And Abraham Lincoln’s response was, “I won’t join you in that prayer, but I’ll join you in a prayer that we’re on God’s side.”

Thanks for the history lesson Dr. Feelgood, now we all know how Abraham Lincoln felt about it, how about you clue us in on how you feel about it now genius.

Candidate #3: I think it’s important we’re on God’s side, as I said earlier, that we must (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

But I also think we’ve got to heal this president from feeling like he and America is the same thing. God is on America’s side. That does not mean He supports what George Bush…

Bush doesn’t need to be healed, he needs to be defeated…again.

Candidate #4: We need to break the spell of fear which is over this country. Remember where we come from as a country. When Francis Scott Key wrote that “Star-Spangled Banner,” he made the connection when he said, “Does that star-spangled banner yet wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave?” The connection between democracy and courage.

I would call out the courage of the American people, and defend our rights, cancel the Patriot Act, reestablish the fullness of our democracy.

Finally, thank you.

#1 is John Kerry

#2 is John Edwards

#3 is Al Sharpton

#4 is Dennis Kucinich

I’ve said it before, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get Bush out of office, but I live in New York, and I’m definitely not in a swing state. Whether it’s spreading the word or even getting behind Kerry as an opponent of Bush, I can do that, I just don’t know if I can actually force myself to vote for the guy.

I feel like Kucinich gave the only honest answer out of the entire group. Maybe I’ll vote for him come election day.

Let me just say this too, that it’s obvious to see why it’s looking like the DNC is getting behind John Kerry, and it’s because politically, he has no fucking balls. Watching him try to backpedal away from being “the most liberal Senator in Washington”, was damn near painful.

Almost as painful as Edwards trying to laugh off his $34 Million net worth and his $5 Million dollar house plus his two $1 Million dollar houses, by pointing at Kerry and laughing saying, “he’s worth more.”

I don’t care if your daddy was a miner or your mama was a fucking waitress or your baby sister turned tricks for cheesburgers. Kerry and Edwards are so out of touch with the everyday working people of this country it’s hard to hide it.

You know the one candidate on that stage that can and has done more than blow smoke about “being in touch” with the “common man” is Dennis Kucinich. You can read about it, in a book he wrote the introduction for and which he is partly responsible for the creation of called Shafted: Free Trade & America’s Working Poor. It’s a great read, and something the rest of the candidates are afraid to talk about.

So that’s pretty much where I’m at right now. The Dean for America/Change for America camps are fighting and backstabbing and everyone is sucking Kerry off and nobody wants real change, just recognition. So I’m gonna criticize, educate, scream, yell, persuade, volunteer and vote to get Bush out of office, after that, you can have your politics back.


Can Bush Tell the Truth?

President Bush, why don’t you just stand up, like a man for once, and tell the American public the truth. Tell them the reason you joined the Texas Air National Guard was because you were scared shitless at the prospect of going overseas and fighting in a war that was already taking the lives of thousands of less fortunate American’s.

Tell them the reason you got into the ANG was because of your father’s political connections. It’s not like you’re alone in that, why should you be ashamed of it just because you’re in the public spotlight. Hundreds of other rich daddy’s kept their sons from fighting and dying in Vietnam, why should you be any different.

Tell them that you didn’t serve one fucking day in Alabama because quite frankly you didn’t feel like it. You had been raised your whole life being told that you were special and having mommy and daddy take care of you and get you out of jams, so you didn’t feel like this was such a big deal. If anyone is to blame it’s not you, it’s your mom and dad, or maybe even the National Guard for expecting someone as privileged as you to show up. They should not only expect that you’ll show up whenever you feel like it but be happy if you show up at all.

Tell them you were off making important political connections, which is far more important that serving our country. How on earth were you supposed to manage being appointed President by a Republican controlled Supreme Court without building a good ole boy network from the ground up. You don’t get those kind of connections in the National Guard.

Tell them you were off planning what to do after you were appointed President. I mean you can’t just come up with this stuff overnight. You don’t decide to completely re-write our national energy laws to help your corporate friends, or help your corporate friends completely destroy the environment by making our environmental legislation laxer, you don’t come up with that stuff when you’re busy having to be bothered to show up to your Air National Guard duty.

Just tell them the truth Mr. President, I’m sure everyone will understand.

The State of the Blog

I was just going back and looking through some of my first posts. I was noticing how the tone of the blog seems to have changed dramatically as time went by. In the beginning a lot of the writing was just personal stuff or humorous observations. I still occasionally write stuff like that but I know that some of the focus has also changed to a more political slant.

For me all of the political stuff has been at the forefront of my thoughts lately. I’ve been trying to read as much as I can and become as informed as I can on current events and issues so I can learn how to actively get involved and help get Bush out of the White House. That’s pretty much my number one goal right now. I’m not sure how much of a difference I can make, maybe none, but I know I need to feel like I tried my ass off to get him the hell out of there.

Here’s a little back story on my political history.

I voted for Clinton in ’92. It was the first year I could vote for the President and I was excited to do it. I liked Clinton and what he stood for, I thought he was charming and charismatic. But I do have to admit, and I should be ashamed of myself, that things went so damn well the first 4 years Clinton was President that I found myself not even really caring what went on. It didn’t seem broke, so I didn’t intend to fix it. Because of that I didn’t even vote in the ’96 election. I completely took for granted the job Clinton and his administration was doing.

Flash ahead to 2004. It has become painfully clear that it didn’t take long to destroy everything that had made me confident enough to not pay attention. The surplus is gone, the deficit is at an all time high, we’re embroiled in a war that we lied to get into, we are faced with having to cut future social security benefits to pay for the debt we incurred in the last 4 years, we managed to do away with the estate tax that allows the top 1% of the country never pay any kind of tax on over half of their income and on and on. To say the least it was a bit of a slap in the face. The wake up call of wake up calls.

All of this seems to take on more urgency as November draws nearer. The more I learn about this administration, the more I read the angrier I get. I wish it wasn’t like this. I wish I didn’t think about all of this shit all the time. I wish we could trust the politicians that we elect to look out for our best interest rather than doing the complete opposite and selling our futures away to corporate interests. Unfortunately, at least for now, it’s not like that.

The one thing I always heard when I got into blogging was, “write about what’s on your mind,” and that’s what I’ve always done. Sorry about this rambling entry, I just wanted to say a few of those things, especially to the people that have been checking this place out from the get.

Constitutional Bigotry

According to this AP article, Bush is going to back an Amendment banning gay marriage. (Also I just found out he held a news conference of some sort discussing this.) Bush can now officially be known as a war loving, hate mongering leader that has rarely been equivocated in the history of the world.

It is rather shocking that Bush would suddenly feel the need to take a stand on this issue, what with it being an election year and all. Bush could give a shit whether or not gay marriages did or didn’t happen. He’s a politician for Christ’s sake. Everyone knows that today’s politicians don’t take stands. They take sides. And that side is usually the side of the ultra-rich or the mega-religious.

The people who oppose gay marriages and are actually vocal about it are the same people who will actually get off their ass and vote. It allows a vocal minority to push their opinons and beliefs onto the majority because we never stand up and do anything about it.

I was talking to a gay friend of mine who lives in Columbus, Ohio. He was telling me there is a large gay community in Columbus but that, for the most part, the community itself isn’t very politically active. Not to just point fingers at the gay community, the liberal community in general is, to be kind, less politically active than the more vocal “right”.

We need to understand that the time of live and let live has passed us by. While we are busy living, the people in charge are busy doing everything they can to take away our freedoms and force their moral beliefs onto everyone else. Our rights, freedoms and jobs are being taken right out from under us while we are busy “living”.

Why does this happen? Why did Bush make this decision today?

Because he knows that the right wing minority out there is nearly frothing at the mouth to vote for a President that helps pass any law that’s a Law for Jesus©. Furthermore, he knows that the left wing majority has, in the past, shown a willingness to sit back and take it.

It’s time for us to stop being the silent majority. To stop being intimidated by the bullying tactics of the right wing. To start calling them on their bullshit and their blatant lies and propaganda. It’s time for us to put that hateful, judgemental and scared vocal minority back in its place.

Take action, get involved. Let your voice be heard, no matter how small, every act can count for something. Start calling your Congressmen and your Representatives. Let them know where you stand on the issues. Educate yourself. Read books, find websites that keep you up to date on the issues. A couple of good ones are and just for up to the minute info has a lot of info you might never hear of otherwise, and there are a ton of others. Speak up, on the train, the bus in the mall, if you get the chance to talk about what you believe in do it.

The time to live and let live is gone. It’s now time for action.

Who's the Real Spoiler?

It crossed my mind to not even comment on Nader’s announcement this morning, on ‘Meet the Press’, that he was going to throw his hat into the ring again this election year. It was a highly dreaded moment for most Democrats. The fear is that Nader’s entry into the fray will take away votes from the Democratic nominee. I don’t think that’s necessarily true, and I also believe that everyone is being a bit hard on Ralphie Boy.

Don’t get me wrong, I am one of the most die hard “anyone but Bush” proponents you’ll meet. In my ideal world, on election day in September every liberal in America would join hands and walk to the polls together where Dems, Indies, Greens, Commies, Libertaries, people of all political affiliation would come together that one day to vote against Bush. It would go down in history as the largest landslide defeat not only of an incumbent President but of any President in history.

Still, the fact is, that’s probably not what will happen and we shouldn’t try and blame Nader for that. Nader has spent his entire life devoted to the working class. He has spent his entire life, selflessly fighting against corporations and against illegal legislation. To say that his bid for the Presidency this year has anything to do with ego is just a mean-spirited attack. Ego is not what is fueling Nader to run in this election, it’s principle. Do you not think that Nader is smart enough to know what kind of backlash this is going to create towards him? Ego is smart enough to stay away from that sort of publicity. Principle on the other hand, never waivers.

Nader is standing firm in his idealistic values that it is never good enough to settle. He’s asking the age old question, “does the end justify the means?” Is it worth giving up on trying to create diversity in politics to get what most of us will agree is a ‘lesser of two evils’ into office? Apparently Nader doesn’t think so. Does that mean the rest of us have to follow suit? Of course not. But we need to understand too that Nader will not be a spoiler in 2004. Anyone who would vote for Nader understands the importance of getting Bush out of office. Anyone who would still vote for Nader in a swing state after knowing that, wouldn’t have voted otherwise. A person that is that dedicated to a candidate would just not have bothered to come out and vote had Nader not been a candidate.

So let’s not forget what Nader has stood for over the years and try and cut him a little slack. When the numbers come out in November I think we’ll all see that most everyone understood the importance of their vote and used their conscience to tell them who to vote for. So if you’re an “anyone but Bush” supporter like me, let’s just try and remember who the real bad guy is, and it’s not Nader.

We can still do this, we can still win with Nader on the ticket. Let’s just not use up all of our energy trying to tear him down when there’s someone much more important we need to be focused on tearing down.

The Buying of the President

I just got the book The Buying of the President 2004. Thought I’d share just a little of the interesting information I’ve got from just leafing through it. The top 10 career patrons of George W. Bush.

George W. Bush

1. Enron Corporation, Houston $597,625
2. Merill Lynch & Company Inc., New York $441,550
3. Vinson & Elkins LLP., Houston $399,150
4. Bass Brothers Enterprises Inc., Fort Worth $378,427
5. Credit Suisse First Boston, New York $373,200
6. MBNA Corporation, Wilmington, Delaware $358,791
7. International Bank of Commerce/ Sanchez
Companies, Laredo, Texas $343,250
8. Goldman Sachs Group, New York $274,049
9. Haynes and Boone LLP, Dallas $271,850
10. Sterling Chemicals Inc., Houston $260,000


The low carb diet is like an epidemic sweeping the nation. A fat obsessed nation that will do anything to lose that extra weight. There are currently an estimated 25-40 million people on the “Atkins” diet. It’s a craze you can’t escape from. Either you are on the diet or you know someone who is. Dear, sweet Aunt Susie is now the one pushing past you to get to the big, greasy skillet of bacon, which she’ll wrap around her hardboiled egg and seal it all together with some cheese, she’s on a diet you see.

No one is saying that completely cutting carbs out of your diet won’t help you to lose weight, but so will crystal meth and ex-lax but that diet never really caught on.

The reason the Atkins diet is so damn popular is because it’s like the easiest diet in the world to stay on. You can eat everything you want, just no bread or pasta, and for the first few weeks you should really lay off those pesky vegetables. That just leaves those gross diet foods like steak, cheese, chicken and bacon. Yuck!

This entire trend has happened so rapidly there hasn’t been time for the FDA to do any research on long term affects of a high fat/low carb diet. I guess we’ll find out in about 20 years if a 1/4 of the country up and drops dead. Not that I give a lot of credit to the FDA but I’m sure they could shed some light on this new trend.

One thing Dr. Atkins did have was impeccable timing. I don’t know if he was sitting on this goldmine for the right moment or not, but if he was, he found it. Having abs and looking “thin” has never been at higher premium than has been this past decade. We’ve had an idealized sense of beauty shoved down our throats for nearly the past 10 years.

That “beauty” has overtaken everything. Imagine how many talented people it has robbed us of because they weren’t “thin enough” or “hot enough”. The music industry in particular has taken a huge shit on this issue. You don’t need talent to make it now. If you have the looks, they’ll get you the talent, you may sound like crap live but you’ll sell a million records.

If you scroll past cable’s most popular kids network Nickelodeon, you’ll see any number of anorexic looking teenage girls wearing way too much make-up, half shirts and skin tight jeans. Apparently it’s not enough for us to obsess about our own image we have to force it on the next generation as soon as possible. Maybe I’m just old fashioned but I miss when little kids, looked like little kids.

Maybe the Atkins diet is the next logical step in evolution. Maybe it’s a thinning of the herd. Maybe we will find out in 20-30 years that the long term affects are serious heart and liver disease and people will start dropping like flies. Maybe that’s natures way of weeding out the people who jump right into something without weighing the results just to drop a few of those pounds in a weight obsessed society. Let’s hope not, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.