Tempin' Ain't Easy

Today I was given two three ring binders. I had to take some papers out of one, and put them in the other. And take some out of the other and put them in the one. This came with about a 10 minute explanation on how to do said activity. I pretended like I was listening to the explanation, when in fact I was day dreaming about my new idea of starting a new temp company and charging corporations half of what the other temp companies do taking advantage of a new temp labor force consisting entirely of…Monkeys. Sure it may be hard at first to train the monkeys to get to work on time and find an office building on Madison Ave. but once they get the hang of that the rest is cake.

After I successfully take over the entire temping industry, I will set my sights on the lucrative messenger business. I will be the richest man in the world and even better, I’ll have thousands of monkeys to do my bidding. Beware Manhattan, TempMonkeys is coming to an office near you.


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